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  • What is a DOT Medical Card?
    Every CDL driver must obtain a DOT medical card to operate a CMV. A CDL medical card is proof that you are physically capable of safely operating a CMV and have no health issues that could be potentially dangerous to other motorists. Those who operate any of the following vehicles must undergo a DOT physical and obtain a DOT medical card: Vehicles with a GCWR of over 10,001 pounds Vehicles designed to transport more than 15 people or 8 passengers when direct compensation is involved Vehicles transporting hazardous material You must have a valid DOT medical card to keep your CDL valid.
  • What happens if you fail a DOT Drug Test?
    A failed DOT drug test results in immediate removal from performing safety-sensitive functions, including driving a CMV. In serious cases, you may be suspended or dismissed, or lose your CDL license. It may also eliminate you as a new-hire candidate. Refusing a DOT drug test is similar to failing. You are required to complete a DOT drug test prior to obtaining your CDL license. A failed DOT drug test during CDL training may delay your certification or prevent you from getting it, depending on your employer.
  • What Topics Must Be Covered In The Class A Or Class B CDL Training?
    Range Vehicle Inspection Pre-Trip/En-Route/Post Trip Straight Line Backing Alley Dock Backing (45/90 Degree) Off-Set Backing Parallel Parking Blind Side Parallel Parking Sight Side Coupling and Uncoupling (Class A only)

CDL Training What is it?

To become a commercial truck driver an individual is required to acquire a CDL; (Commercial Driver's License). The U.S. Department of Transportation; Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration division sets guidelines for CDL drivers. Each state, in turn, adds additional requirements to meet the State requirements.

APlus CDL Training provides you with your very own private instructor. To request more information on training, please click on the "Request Information" button below. Your success is our motto!!

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